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Spain's Air Nostrum Doubles HAV Airlander Aircraft Commitment

Spanish airship company, Air Nostrum, increased its order for Airlander airships from 10 to 20, as part of its plans to expand airship routes in the Mediterranean region. The airline chose the 100-passenger configuration of the Airlander, citing its low fuel consumption, operational versatility, and passenger comfort. Using the buoyant lift of helium reduces the fuel burn required just to keep the aircraft airborne – most of the airframe’s weight is countered by the helium’s buoyancy. HAV is anticipating aircraft in service with customers from 2027. HAV has said that 600 Airlander aircraft would account for 1% of annual helium consumption (i.e. 60mmcf) implying each one would require 0.1mmcf. There are several companies looking at the airship market and we see this a sizeable long-term growth area for helium demand.

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