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Oil Prices

MAR 2022 - CNBC Arabia

Anish discusses his views on oil prices on CNBC Arabia

Exxon to exit Russia, leaving $4 bln in assets


Comment on Exxon leaving Russia

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AKAP Energy Launches World’s First Helium Market Data Service


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AKAP Energy has launched the world’s first helium market data subscription service. Premium subscribers will get access to our website which has helium pricing and trade data updated on a timely basis, up to date news flow on the helium sector, listed helium companies stock prices and performance data, an annual supply & demand balance and forecasts, as well a discussion forum.


The offering includes a comprehensive quarterly helium report, which is the only report of its type available on the market. The publication contains proprietary data on global helium pricing and trade movements, as well as detailed market and company news flow. There is a large range of pricing data from the leading importers such as the EU, China, US South Korea, Japan, India and Taiwan as well as volumes imported from each of the key exporters: Qatar, US, Australia and Algeria.


We run through the main news articles for the month that impact near-term supply demand as well as longer-term trends. There is also company specific news flow and stock performance for the main participants in the helium sector as well as an overview of the listed companies in the sector. We also have our own bottoms up supply and demand forecasts for helium. The website can be found at


AKAP Energy is focused on energy and helium markets, providing strategy and financial consulting advice to companies. The helium industry is a niche market with opaque data and one that suffers from a lack of detailed analysis. AKAP Energy has created a proprietary helium supply and demand balance and has completed a comprehensive analysis into helium pricing, where there is little easily accessible data given the lack of any relevant spot market and a paucity of published helium price benchmarks. Much of the data in the market at present is stale and has relied on extrapolated trends from outdated information. As a result, Anish has conducted a comprehensive analysis of the demand dynamics and created an exhaustive list of all the new potential supply sources.

BP gambles big on transition to renewables


A special report by Reuters looks at BP's recent Oman Stake sale.

Solar Panels

UK Gas Prices

SEPT 2021 - NTD

Anish comments on the current Gas Price issues seen in the UK Market

West Africa Offshore Exploration

APR 2021

A presentation given at the 2nd Africa Oil, Gas & Energy Summit. 

Exxon Retreated from Oil Trading


The quick retreat of Exxon's revamped trading desk underscores the firm's longstanding aversion to risk...


Buffett ramps up oil bets with $4 bln Chevron stake


The underperformance of energy stocks relative to the market last year, for example means that the energy sector is...

Tall Buildings

Helium Discussion


Anish Kapadia joins TPH’s Close Of Business Tuesday weekly forum to discuss the helium and international oil and gas markets

Palantir signs up to BP’s new energy ambitions


BP reported an “uplift in valuation of a venture investment” of $229 million for the fourth quarter. Anish Kapadia noted that this was a.....

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Chevron and Exxon Merger Talks


it is also possible that Chevron or Exxon could buy the oil producing business of a....

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