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Our Services

AKAP ENERGY provides strategy and financial consulting advice to energy companies. All the primary research, analysis and write-ups are carried out by Anish rather than being outsourced to juniors.

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We produce detailed oil and gas field valuation models in all countries globally. We have created models on fields in >50 countries to date.

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We can review potential asset purchases and have knowledge of all significant oil and gas companies and assets. We know the main companies and assets in all the oil producing companies globally.

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We conduct detailed strategic analysis of companies and their assets. We have analysed 100s of energy companies globally.

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We can help with oil supply and demand dynamics in most countries. We have a supply database of >1,000 projects globally and detailed decline rate analysis..

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We can do a detailed analysis of a country’s energy market. We have done deep dives into several African countries for example..

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We have a deep knowledge of global gas and LNG markets. We have conducted supply and demand analysis such as a global LNG supply analysis

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We can model out floating LNG project economics and viability. We have modelled projects ranging from Russia to the US.

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We have unique sources of data for helium pricing. We have done some of the most detailed research on the helium market.

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We track most of the significant wells globally. Anish pioneered a unique global well watch product.

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Anish Kapadia is Director and Head of Energy at Palissy Advisors. Palissy is an independent research provider in the Oil & Gas, Mining and Renewables sectors. Palissy Advisor’s experienced team capitalises on its deep understanding of global energy and mining industries to provide clients with differentiated macro, commodities and equity analysis, as well as helping clients to navigate the energy transition that will become a predominant strategic theme over the coming years.

Anish Kapadia is Head of Research at OilX, a multi-award winning, data driven oil analytics platform. OilX Research provides oil traders and analysts with indispensable market analysis, key trends and main outliers. OilX displays its assessments well ahead of official data releases and relative to consensus estimates to help you navigate markets with confidence. A research offering built on the OilX Platform which is trusted by leading oil trading houses, oil majors, hedge funds and investment banks.

Independant Research

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