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Edelgas Group: Helium's Strategic Role in National Defence

An article by the Edelgas Group delves into the importance of helium in national defence, notably in the development of advanced drones and laser systems. This is particularly pertinent this week following the Iranian drone attack on Israel. Helium aids in extending UAV flight times and enhances operational capabilities by its application in semiconductor manufacturing for drone electronics, which improves autonomous navigation and precision. Additionally, helium is integral to the functioning of helium-neon lasers used in military targeting and guidance. Its role in cooling systems is essential for maintaining the operational efficiency of high-energy lasers and directed energy weapons, which are key in countering drone swarms and missile threats. Given its widespread utility in military applications—from enhancing airborne and space systems to supporting critical defence technologies—helium's strategic importance underscores the need for secure supply chains to sustain advancements in military capabilities.

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