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Insights from the Asia Pacific Helium Conference 2024

During the Asia Pacific Helium Conference 2024 held in Wuxi, China, Tom Deng, Chairman and President of G-gas, delivered a keynote speech addressing the volatility and strategic needs of the global helium market. With the annual global helium demand at ~6bcf and China’s market contributing less than 2% of the US$500mm total, the niche market faces an imbalance with more sellers than buyers. Deng highlighted the recurrent global helium shortages, citing four significant supply disruptions from 2006 to 2024, exacerbated by factors like refinery shutdowns, transportation challenges, and geopolitical issues. Despite the recent alleviation of shortages due to new production in Russia and ongoing projects in the US and Qatar, Deng pointed out the persistent uncertainty surrounding future supply conditions. The conference brought together industry stakeholders to discuss strategies for transforming the chaotic market dynamics into a structured and value-driven helium supply chain.

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