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US Export Price Volatility Persists; Falls Below US$300/mcf Levels

The United States, the second-largest helium exporter globally, recently corrected its export data to more accurate levels, though some inaccuracies persist. The majority of U.S. helium exports, averaging 81mmcf/month YTD to Jul'23 (+2% y/y) are directed toward Asia, with increasing volumes to Europe in the past two years. Exports to Canada have grown significantly, reaching an average of 11mmcf/month YTD (+59% y/y). Export prices had shot to record levels in Mar'23 to US$591/mcf but have plummeted to the 2021-22 average of ~US$300/mcf in recent months. Pricing varies by region, with Asian prices averaging US$529/mcf YTD (+56% y/y), while Latin American prices are lower at US$451/mcf (+71% y/y). Europe receives U.S. helium at relatively lower prices, averaging US$435/mcf (+64% y/y).

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