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US Customs have Corrected Helium Export Data

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Until late 2021, the US had been overstating their helium exports, especially to Asia. Cross checking with the importing countries, we could see inflated US exports as high as ~3-4x reported imports. We can see this in Figure 1 below.[AK1] We recently pointed this out to the US Customs Department and it has adjusted its older figures to align with what we had originally estimated for the US exports. In Figure 2 [AK2]we can see the comparison of the new reported data vs AKAP's estimates of US exports from 2020 onward. We can now finally see the adjusted US exports and the pricing we derive from it which is in line with current global helium pricing. Detailed analysis of US export volume and pricing is also available on our website.

Figure 1: US helium exports before restatement

Figure 2: Adjusted US exports vs Akap estimates of US exports from importing partners

Figure 3: US Helium Exports (Adjusted)

Figure 4: US Helium Export Pricing

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