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The Edelgas Group: Helium Market Overview 2023

In a recent interview, Cliff Cain, CEO of The Edelgas Group, provided insights into the helium market for 2023. He characterised the market as remaining tight, with global pricing reaching record levels. The year saw increased pricing to manage demand, indicating significant unmet helium demand. Key developments included ongoing discussions about the sale of the US Federal Helium Reserve, successful operations at the Cliffside facility, and notable exploration and development projects globally. Cain emphasised the potential impact of high-impact projects and the emergence of midstream opportunities in the helium market's future. He highlighted diverse industry applications, such as airships, nuclear reactors, and quantum computing, contributing to helium demand growth. Looking ahead to 2030, Cain predicted sharply higher helium demand as production growth unlocks suppressed demand, with Qatar dominating production and a larger number of North American producers emerging, breaking the dominance of industrial gas majors.

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