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Royal Helium Announces Large Helium Discovery at Climax-2 and 3

Royal Helium (TSXV: RHC) announced a significant helium discovery at the Climax helium project, located in SW Saskatchewan, Canada. Royal has discovered a 39 meter contiguous helium bearing zone at Climax-3 in the basal Deadwood Regolith (“Regolith”) which was a previously unknown helium bearing sequence. Based on internal estimates, Royal estimates total helium in-place within the Regolith zone across the Prospective Area to be between approximately 2.5 billion cubic feet (“Bcf”) (low-case) and 6.0 Bcf (high case). In addition, Royal will commence production planning shortly on Climax-1, with the intent of producing and monetizing each of the helium, CO2, and nitrogen gas streams discovered within the Souris River and Wymark zones.

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