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Potential of Helium in the Middle East

Subsurface Insights has published a research paper on the potential of subsurface helium in the Middle East. The Middle East region, through the North Field in Qatar, is a significant source of helium production, primarily extracted as a by-product from liquefied natural gas. Helium is often found in low concentrations, around 0.04%, within the Khuff Formation. Silurian source rocks, which reached oil maturity during the Cretaceous, contribute to the petroleum systems associated with helium. The key attributes for potential helium systems are the presence of a helium-generative source, system maturity, reservoir depth, and the timing of hydrocarbon entrainment. Extensive Paleozoic clastics and granitic basement lithologies contribute to potential helium sources. While no ideal accumulation conditions are met, significant potential for helium accumulation exists in the Middle East, with certain basins demonstrating higher potential scores based on specific attributes and regional occurrences.

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