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Messer Could be Charging US$10,000/mcf for Macy's Parade

Messer supplied helium to Macy's for its 2023 Thanksgiving Day parade. It is worth analysing the pricing from the parade due to the number of large balloons out at a single point in time. In 2010, Macy's parade had 15 balloons and needed 300mcf to keep all of them afloat. This year, there were ~40-50 helium balloons that are displayed during the parade and we estimate that it would need anywhere between 0.5-1mmcf to inflate all of them. Some estimates put the cost of each balloon at ~US$510k; however, this may just be for the larger balloons. Even if we conservatively assume an average of US$200k for helium per balloon, that still adds up to ~US$8-10mm for the helium balloons putting it in a cost range of US$8,000-10,000/mcf of helium.

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