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Helium One Spuds Tai-3 Well in Rukwa

Updated: Oct 2

Helium One successfully spudded the Tai-3 well, commencing drilling operations with various crew and equipment on-site. The process involves drilling to section TD, followed by running the 20-inch conductor to prevent unconsolidated rock from entering the well. Gas measurements will be taken using Geolog's mudlogging services and a mass spectrometer, and further evaluation will be conducted using wireline tools and the Reservoir Characterisation Instrument. The entire process, including log completion and analysis, is expected to take ~4 weeks. Helium One is targeting the Lake Bed and Karoo reservoirs that have an independent CPR in May’23 confirming a 2U net prospective resource size of 2.8bcf of helium and 3U of 7.1bcf.

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