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Gold Hydrogen Presentation and new hydrogen purity highs

Updated: May 28

Gold Hydrogen shared insights from Australia’s first exploration wells, Ramsay 1 & 2, at the AEP Conference in Perth. The company discovered global record levels of helium (17%) at its Ramsay project. Also, The results from the Ramsay 2 well, provided by world-leading laboratories, revealed significant findings. Hydrogen was confirmed in all seven zones tested, ranging from depths of 250 meters to 1 kilometer. A 180-meter thick helium pay zone was identified. Hydrogen purity reached up to 95.8%, the highest reading yet, at a depth of 531 meters on an air-corrected basis. Helium was confirmed at 17.5% air-corrected, matching the highest level previously reported, with significant helium spikes prompting further testing for higher purities. Both gases were successfully extracted to the surface. Additionally, high permeability levels were recorded in the Kulpara dolomites, indicating that the formations are permeable and producing fluids and associated gas.

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