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Unsuccessful NAH-HEVI Well in Saskatchewan

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

After spudding its first helium well on Block 1 at Mankota in Saskatchewan (NAH Grasslands 13-30-2-8W3), North American Helium (NAH) has decided that the open hole portion of the first test well will be abandoned and is also electing to suspend the cased hole portion of the well to afford optionality and the ability to re-enter it at a later date, potentially to drill a sidetrack to another target. NAH is expected to spud its second licenced location on HEVI lands at NAH 1-1-6-10W3 in mid-December. Earlier this year Helium Evolution (no NAH involvement) drilled 2 wells, which did not return sufficient quantities of helium to warrant production testing.

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