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AKAP Tracks Royal Helium's Development in Alberta

Updated: Jan 2

AKAP Energy monitors Canadian helium production, which primarily comes from two provinces, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Alberta's production was dominated by Thor Resources, a private company. However, in Oct'23, Royal Helium, a junior explorer, inaugurated its Steveville helium purification facility, commencing production. The Steveville plant is designed to process 15 mmcf/d of raw gas supplied by a helium well (Imperial 12-12) with an output capacity of ~22 mmcf/y of 99.999% helium, implying a helium concentration of 0.4%. To achieve the targeted 22 mmcf/y, Royal Helium needs to produce ~1.8 mmcf/month. As of November 2023, production reached around 0.9 mmcf (50% capacity). During Oct-Nov’23, Royal Helium vented all the helium produced from the well, possibly to test the facility; in Dec’23, the company announced its first sales. We expect that this production will be ramped up to full capacity within the next 2-3 months.

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