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S&P: Russia Produced 265mmcf Helium in 2023

An article by S&P highlights that in 2023, Russia increased its helium production to 265mmcf, with Gazprom contributing 80% of this volume through its facilities at the Orenburg Helium Plant in the Southern Volga-Urals Province and the Amur Gas Processing Plant (GPP) in Eastern Siberia. This is in line with Akap's Russian helium export estimate of 105mmcf in 2023, when adjusting for domestic consumption. The balance is likely being sold in small cargoes to neighbouring nations such as Kazakhstan or held back as inventory. Russia ranked as the fourth largest global producer, behind the United States, Qatar, and Algeria, and is recognised for its significant helium reserves, predominantly located in pre-Cambrian reservoirs like the Kovyktinskoye field. The Amur GPP currently produces helium via two trains with a third train underway, and all units will have a combined capacity of 2.1bcf/y.

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