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Pulsar Helium Encounters 12.4% Helium at its Topaz Project

Updated: Mar 8

Pulsar Helium confirmed up to 12.4% helium at its Topaz helium project in Minnesota, as the Jetstream #1 appraisal well reached total depth of 2,200ft. This helium concentration is higher than the historically recorded concentrations of ~10% and is possibly the highest helium concentration ever discovered. Despite drilling challenges, the well is poised for flow testing and laboratory analysis, marking a milestone in helium exploration in the region. The geology was consistent throughout the well, interchanging troctolite/anorthosite, both of which are mafic igneous rocks with intermittent fractures. However, it must be noted that these measurements are considered to be a minimum value due to dilution by atmospheric contamination. The share price was up ~30% on the day of the news and is up ~200% over the last 5 days (as of 4th March 2024).

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