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Pulsar Flows Helium to the Surface at its Topaz Project

Pulsar Helium successfully completed extensive flow testing at the Jetstream #1 appraisal well in Minnesota, on its Topaz helium project. During flow testing, the well demonstrated a maximum open flow rate of 821 mcf/d under compression, with natural flow rates reaching 150 mcf/d. Laboratory analysis of gas samples showed helium concentrations as high as 14.5% (previously at 13.8%), with an average content of 9.9% across 21 samples. These results also identified major accompanying gases, including up to 71% CO2 and 24% nitrogen. The well data suggests the presence of a substantial helium-bearing zone that could extend laterally and deeper than currently explored. Future work programs are proposed to consist of deepening Jetstream #1 to assess this potential, in conjunction with drilling a nearby step-out well and conducting a 3D seismic survey to define the structural extent of the resource.

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