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Introducing Permian Basin Based New Era Helium Corp

There is another North American E&P company that is looking to produce commercial helium. Established this year, New Era Helium Corp owns and operates over 137,000 acres in the Permian Basin, New Mexico and has over 2.5bcf of SEC 3P (proved, probable, and possible) helium reserves. Furthermore, New Era helium is gearing up to build a new facility to process up to 20mmcf/d of inlet gas, producing more than 32mmcf of helium per year, which implies ~0.4% helium content in the gas. This will represent approximately 1% of the North American helium market. It will seek to designate all of its natural gas production as Responsibly Sourced Gas “RSG” in order to create Methane Performance Certificates which can be likened to carbon credits. Joel G. Solis is the co-founder and chairman of New Era Helium. Mr. Gray is a founding partner and current Chief Executive Officer of New Era Helium.

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