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Indian Helium Imports fell almost 10% in 2022

India's helium demand was weak in 2022, despite strong economic growth, as we believe it struggled to compete for volumes from Qatar, due to the global helium shortage. Volumes dropped by 9% y/y in 2022, to ~120mmcf, with the weakest volumes seen in December, when imports fell to 7mmcf. Qatari imports were particularly weak last year falling 14% y/y. Qatari pricing averaged U$381/mcf in 2022, which was +15% y/y. Our database of individual ISO shipments shows some shipments selling for well over US$1,000/mcf in 2022. Growth in imports is expected over the next two years considering the start-up of new transfill facilities by AirLife and space tourism companies planning operations by 2024.

Indian helium imports by exporter (mmcf)

Note: Singapore imports are likely to be re-exports from Singapore to India

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