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Elliston Could Become Australia's First Hydrogen Storage Hub

Elliston, a region on the west coast of South Australia's Eyre Peninsula, could become Australia's first hydrogen storage hub due to its kilometre-thick salt deposits. EntX, a clean energy tech company based in Adelaide, has been granted approval to explore the possibility of storing hydrogen in Elliston for its Western Eyre Green Hydrogen Project. Desalinated water from Waterloo Bay may be used to create hydrogen and store it in salt deposits, which have very low permeability, providing an effective barrier to gas leakage. EntX estimates that, if successful, the development of the hydrogen storage site would be a A$4 billion project. The potential for Elliston to become a hydrogen storage hub has been welcomed by local stakeholders, including the Native Title holder groups in the region. These salt deposits could also be used for helium storage, similar to Air Products' site in Texas, US.

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