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Australia's Helium Production Decline

The dire state of Australia's manufacturing sector and its heavy reliance on overseas suppliers is exemplified by the impending closure of the country's only helium production plant. As helium is used in various critical industries its scarcity will have significant implications. This shortage underscores the broader issues facing Australia, such as the closure of brickworks, loss of dairy facilities, carbon dioxide scarcity, and reliance on imported goods like paper, steel, cement, and refined fuel products. The failure to process minerals domestically, coupled with rising energy costs and the prioritization of political agendas over economic concerns, has contributed to the country's manufacturing decline. Urgent action is needed to address these challenges before it is too late. We have been tracking Australian exports of helium, which have considerably dried up in the last 6 months. Although there is helium exploration in the Amadeus basin, FID will still take a few years if successful.

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