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Amur GPP Reaches 90.5% Completion; Helium Shipments Commence

The Amur Gas Processing Plant (GPP) reached a construction milestone with a readiness level of 90.5% compared to 89.2% in July. The gas plant is built up of 6 processing lines, within which are contained 3 helium units. The first gas processing line is producing commercial products including helium and Gazprom plans to launch two more production lines in early 2024 and aims to have all six lines operational by 2025. The Amur GPP is designed to process 2.1bcf/y of helium in three purification and liquefaction units with a capacity of 700mmcf/y each. On Process Line 1, the Helium Treatment, Liquefaction and Loading Unit 1 is producing liquid helium. On Process Line 2, Helium Treatment, Liquefaction and Loading Unit 2 is undergoing hot commissioning. On Process Line 5, the Helium Treatment, Liquefaction and Loading Unit 3 has oil flashing underway. In early September 2023, Deputy Head of Gazprom V. Markelov reported that the 1st helium line at the plant was put into commercial operation on August 28, 2023, and shipments from it began on September 5, 2023. Recently, Gazprom shipped 1 ISO of helium by road from the Amur GPP to Novosibirsk (1 week journey), marking the initiation of regular supplies to meet domestic market demand.

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