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In Depth Knowledge,
Analysis and


Strategic and Financial Consulting for Energy Companies

Combing a deep dive, fundamental understanding and valuation of assets with a bottoms up approach to forecasting oil and gas supply but crucially with a clear financial and commercial understanding.

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In depth


We combine the in-depth knowledge of a consultant with the financial and commercial expertise of an investment bank.

20 Years Experience

Anish Kapadia has 20 years of banking and consulting experience in corporate analysis, financial strategy, modelling, M&A and asset valuations.

Personalised 1-1 Service

All our projects are tailored specifically to our clients needs drawing on our vast experience and proprietary databases.



Our expertise covers many of the energy subsectors including oil, gas and LNG macro analysis as well as asset and company valuations.


“As someone who has both worked alongside Anish and been grilled by him, I can testify to his tenacity and determination to get to the right answer.  I am a fan.”

Martin Houston

Founder of Tellurian;  Chairman of Moelis & Enquest and former COO of BG Group

"We feel privileged to work/cooperate with Anish on a number of oil related research projects. Anish has an extraordinary capability of bridging the worlds of energy equities and oil fundamentals. His expert input and rigorous analysis has become a big asset to OilX and its clients"

Florian Thaler

CEO of OilX

“Our government and private sector clients have benefited enormously from the work Mr Kapadia does. He brought on board in-depth industry knowledge and also was able to help us get to yes on many deals. In an ever complex and changing industry, in Mr Kapadia, we have someone who mirrors the industry and the economics of tomorrow and helps get us a commercial and economic strategy of the future in a cost-effective fashion. Less theory and very practical.”

NJ Ayuk

Chair of the African Energy Chamber and CEO of Centurion Law

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