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Russian Helium Prices as High as US$1,760/mcf

Russia's presence in the global helium market was stifled by the issues at Gazprom's Amur Gas Processing facility and then exacerbated by the war. The Orenburg plant in Russia is one of the key helium producers of the country and if we look at pricing data from the Orenburg plant, we can see the clear premium it commands over the global helium pricing. YTD to Aug'23, helium was priced at an average of US$1,160/mcf with prices reaching as high as US$1,760/mcf in Apr'23. These prices are clearly higher than global trade prices, which could mean that it is more akin to retail pricing in other parts of the world. Russian export data is of poor quality, but prices reported at the Orenburg plant indicate that Russian helium prices are also affected by the shortage and are experiencing an upward pressure.

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