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Pulsar Helium Identifies Promising Helium Reservoir in Topaz Project

Pulsar Helium completed processing of a passive seismic survey at its Topaz helium project in Minnesota. The survey revealed a significant shear wave velocity anomaly at the depth (542 meters) where a gas containing 10.5% helium was found in the LOD-6 discovery well. This anomaly, extending to ~1,150m, indicates the lithology hosting the helium-bearing gas reservoirs and covers an aerial extent of ~7 sq km. The company plans an appraisal well, Jetstream#1, in February 2024, aiming to re-enter and evaluate the gas zone and explore potential deeper reservoirs. The positive survey results validate the use of passive seismic data in locating gas reservoirs, with further interpretation underway alongside FALCON gravity and magnetic data. Pulsar Helium also released its new corporate presentation which describes the Topaz project and the helium market in the US. Separately, in an interview with the Ellis Martin Report CEO of Pulsar Helium, Thomas Abraham-Janes, discussed the positive seismic survey results setting the stage for an upcoming appraisal well.

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