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Pantheon Resources Sees Helium Opportunity at Kodiak, Alaska

Pantheon Resources, primarily an oil and gas explorer with assets in Alaska's North Slope region, announced the possibility of helium discovered in its acreage. In its recent investor update, the company mentioned that while performing advanced hydrocarbon stratigraphy analysis on its Theta West-1 well in the Kodiak Field in Alaska, three gas samples documented high helium concentrations. This creates an option for the company to pursue helium exploration and development in addition to its oil and gas resources. Pantheon is currently pursuing an offtake agreement to sell natural gas with the added benefits of free shipment for any helium produced alongside the methane, and free use of land next to the liquefaction plant to potentially build and operate a helium liquefaction plant and its associated logistics facilities. However, it is notable that these results are very preliminary and may not be pursued by Pantheon.

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