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Gazprom Restarts Production from Amur GPP

Gazprom has restarted helium production from one of the six processing trains at the Amur gas processing plant, which we estimate has 350mmcf/y of capacity. It has sent the first ISO container of helium by road to China via the Blagoveshchensk-Heihe international bridge crossing. The ISO tank is owned by Blue Sky (HK) International Trading Limited. It is unclear at what rate Amur will be able to produce given the impact of sanctions potentially restricting Gazprom’s access to ISO tanks to transport the helium. However pictures from Gazprom show 5 helium tankers lined up at the plant. Gazprom, plans to launch two more processing lines at Amur gas processing plant in early 2024, with the goal of reaching all six lines by 2025 which at capacity could produce 2.1bcf/d of helium. The impact of the ramp-up of Amur could significantly loosen the currently undersupplied global helium market. However there remains many uncertainties regarding how much Gazprom will be able to export, how much helium is destined for storage or use locally in Russia and how much will be taken by China for its strategic helium reserves.

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