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Exploring the Potential of Natural Hydrogen for the Energy Transition

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Earth2 is an initiative launched by the Avenia cluster that brings together energy groups, exploration/production start-ups, service providers, and independent consultants actively working in the field of natural hydrogen. Natural hydrogen is a clean and very low-carbon source of hydrogen that should be considered as a renewable hydrogen in the European taxonomy. It does not require the use of anthropogenic electricity nor water and has a limited footprint for extraction and separation at production sites. The number of publications presenting data showing explicit natural H2 presence in soils, aquifers or wells is rapidly increasing. Natural hydrogen is produced through various chemical reactions that are mainly related to oxidation of ferrous iron minerals, radiolysis of water, organic matter maturation or the outgassing from Earth’s mantle. The exploration strategy for hydrogen should focus on areas where ferrous iron (or natural radioactivity) is present and can react with water.

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