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Algerian Helium Production Appears Slightly Lower in April

Updated: May 9, 2022

Algerian LNG production in April is down 15% m/m based on preliminary data and is 25% below the average export levels for 2022 but is still 20% higher than the lows seen in February. Production from Arzew (the larger plant) was down >20% m/m whilst Skikda production remained flat. Lower throughput at Arzew would likely mean lower helium production as the plant operated at around 2/3 of the production rate in 2021. There is a considerable lag in the helium export data that we gather - for Q4'21 we estimate Algerian helium exports of ~30mmcf per month, which may have dropped to around 25mmcf per month on average this year. Arzew helium production is due to ramp-up this year as the GL1Z and GL3Z LNG facilities are connected up to the Helios Spa helium plant.

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