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Algeria Helium Exports may Rebound based on LNG Output

Algerian LNG output in 2022 was 17% lower y/y. The main contributor was Arzew, which was down by ~18% y/y. Helium exports also dropped sharply in July ‘22 which is in line with the lower LNG production. Since the data we obtain on helium exports is lagged, we can imply that based on the LNG output, the helium exported will follow the same trend. We can see a slight rise in total LNG production in Jan'23, which led to an increase in helium imports in Mar'23. Based on Mar, Apr, and May'23 LNG production, we would expect the helium exports to stay above the 35mmcf/m level for Q2'23. We will be tracking these trends closely over the coming months.

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