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Air Products Files a Case to Block Federal Helium Reserve sale

Air Products has launched a lawsuit against the GSA and BLM (Defendants) citing a looming disruption in the US’ supply of helium precipitated by the Defendants’ forthcoming sale of the Federal Helium Reserve. There has been no official response from the GSA or BLM yet and for now it appears as if the sale is proceeding as planned. The Invitation For Bid (IFB) has raised concerns regarding its compliance with the Helium Stewardship Act. This act sets forth regulations to ensure the stability of the domestic helium supply. One critical provision of the Helium Stewardship Act prohibits the sale of the System in a way that could disrupt the domestic helium supply. Concerns have arisen that the planned sale and transfer of the Federal Helium System by the defendants could lead to a national helium supply crisis.

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